• 5.3” in Diameter
  • Designed for White's XLT
  • 6.59kHz Operating Frequency
  • Excellent Search Coil for Pinpointing
  • Provides Better Separation Between Targets in Moderately to Highly Trashed Areas

White's 5.3" Bullseye Search Coil (XLT)

Model: 801-3188-2

Our Price: $149.95


Hit your mark with White's 5.3” Bullseye Search Coil! This lightweight search coil provides better separation between targets in moderately to highly trashed areas than most others on the market. Its small size makes it an excellent companion for pinpointing targets and working around larger obstacles that other coils cannot reach. Compared to its larger cousins, the Bullseye has improved sensitivity to physically smaller metal targets which makes finding coins, jewelry and small nuggets that much easier!



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