The Anderson Universal Detector Shaft is compatible with most metal detectors.

Universal Anderson Detector Shafts Shaft

Model: 828

Our Price: $119.99


Should the unfortunate day arrive where your metal detector shaft breaks, you can rest assured there is an easy solution for your problem. The Anderson Universal Detector Shaft is compatible with most metal detectors, so you can get back to your detecting adventures sooner than later. With this universal shaft, you don't have to worry about finding a replacement shaft for your metal detector's exact make and model. Better still, this universal shaft comes with arm cuffs that feature a 2" adjustable shaft along with 1/8" of padding for your comfort. Anderson's secure screw lock system gives you peace of mind that your lower rod will have a tight fit on your new universal shaft.


NOTE: Compatible with most metal detectors. Dimensions are 36.5" × 5" × 3.5".



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