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  • Spectra V3i White's Metal Detector
  • Loop Selection
  • Six-Block Menu
  • Soil Type Select
  • Polar-Plot Screen
  • Prospecting Scan
  • Language Control
  • Adjustable Black Light
  • Color-Keyed Disc Pattern
  • 3 x 3 Target ID SystemTM
  • Stereo Mixed Mode Audio
  • Status Bar Mode Indicator
  • Dozens of Expert Menu Options
  • On-Board Quick Reference Guide
  • Full-Color High Definition Display
  • 3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies
  • Live Controls for Real-Time Adjustments
  • Owner Registration (Software Embedded)
  • 10 All-New Turn-On-and-Go Hunting Programs

Spectra V3i White's Metal Detector

Model: 800-0329

Our Price: $1,349.00


Get the most out of your metal detecting adventures with White's Spectra V3i Metal Detector! This detector makes hunting a treat with a full-color, high defintion screen that shows the type and depth of your buried treasure. The display also features big Visual Discrimination Indicator (VDI) numbers, a zoom key to enlarge or reduce icon size and a signagraph for greater target identification. You can also use preset color pallets or create your own custom color schemes!

White's knows that its customers want a hassle-free metal detecting experience so it created 10 distinct hunting programs for the Spectra V3i . You can choose from Coin, Coin and Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, High Trash, Hi-Pro, Mixed Mode Pro or Meteorite for a more custom search. The detector can also be set to 3 separate frequencies for finding the most deeply-buried treasure!

The Spectra V3i is the first multi-frequency metal detector to offer optimized single frequency modes. It is also the first to display the target phase response independently for each frequency. The Spectra V3i transmits at 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz which makes it “HOT” on silver, gold and relics. Single frequency detectors are unable to have “Peak Performance” over such a wide range of targets. This is an advantage not only in detecting desirable targets but also in discriminating out undesirable targets.

The Spectra V3i is also able to run in single frequency mode by only using one of its three frequencies. The transmit waveform is optimized to put all of that energy into one frequency, So, if you only want to hunt for deep silver or deep gold jewelry, the SpectraV3 is your prime choice for a metal detecting device!



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