Side-Mount Minelab Shaft (Excalibur II)

Model: 3011-0190

Our Price: $57.00


Minelab makes it easy to custom-fit your metal detector to your specific needs with this Side-Mount Shaft for the Excalibur II series metal detectors. Instead of just “making do” with the standard mount position of the control cylinder and battery, this shaft has alternate pin positions that allow you to attach the control cylinder and battery to either side. Now you can customize your metal detector to fit a right-handed or left-handed user more comfortably. A greater level of comfort means reduced fatigue which in turn gives you more time out at a site hunting down those relics and treasures. The side-mount option with this shaft also provides the benefit of reduced drag for those detectorists who are hunting close to the ground, surf-wading, or underwater.


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