• Tuning - Automatic
  • 95 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Warranty - 24 Months, Parts and Labor
  • Clear Audible or Silent / Vibrate LED Detection Signal
  • Easy ON/OFF Battery Cover, Standard 9V Battery Included
  • Elongated Profile Provides 9.5" Scan Area 360° of Detection
  • Optimum Sensitively, Detects Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
  • Power Switch and LEDs Positioned for Easy Access and High Visibility
  • Ergonomically Designed Grip Fits Comfortably in Virtually any Size Hand
  • Self-Calibration - Digital Microprocessor Technology Eliminates the Need for Periodic Sensitivity Adjustments

Garrett SuperWand Pinpointer

Model: 720-1165800

List price $229.95
Our Price: $152.81


The Garrett SuperWand Pinpoint is a versatile, easy-to-use pinpointer that is perfect for detecting targets in hard to reach places. Whether you are using it in tight spaces that are inaccessible to a full sized metal detector or closing in on a target after digging for it, the SuperWand's 360° scan area will locate your target with speed and accuracy. The Garrett SuperWand PinPointer features Self-Calibration, one-touch button, Audio and Vibration alerts, and LED lights. Make metal detecting simple with the Garrett SuperWand Pinpointer.



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