• Waterproof
  • 9” in Diameter
  • 3-22.5kHz Operating Frequencies
  • Compatible with White's MX5, M6, MXT, DFX, VX3 and V3i Detectors

Whites 9" Spider Eclipse Coil (MX5/M6/MXT/DFX/VX3)

Model: 960-80132491

Our Price: $149.95


Dive into your next metal detecting adventure with White's 9” Spider Eclipse Search Coil! This moderately-sized search coil provides better trash separation in comparison to some of the larger coils on the market. It is also great for detecting deep into the ground as it can find signals that smaller search coils cannot. With a waterproof casing, theSpider Eclipse Search Coil makes it a great choice for metal detecting on both the surf and the turf!



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