• 4x6” in Diameter
  • 3-22.5 kHz Operating Frequencies
  • Compatible with White's V3I, VX3, MXT, M6, MX5 and DFX
  • Elliptical Coil Shape Allows you to Get In and Around Obstacles that Slow Down Round Coils

Whites 4x6" Eclipse Shooter DD Coil (V3I/VX3/MXT/M6)

Model: 960-8013239

Our Price: $149.95


Narrow your search with White's 4x6” Eclipse Shooter DD Search Coil! The 4x6” Eclipse Shooter DD Search Coil provides superior metal detecting performance in extreme ground conditions with better sensitivity to physically smaller metal targets. The narrow, elliptical design of the search coil is excellent for working around obstacles that other coils can't reach. It's perfect for weeding out junk in heavily-trashed areas and makes finding treasure a breeze!



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