• 6.5x9" in Diameter
  • Designed for Garrett Ace 150, 250 and 350

Garrett 6.5x9" Ace PROformance Coil (Ace 150,250,350)

Model: 14-2221700

List price $89.95
Our Price: $76.46


This 6.5x9” search coil by Garrett is the standard coil that comes with your Ace 150, 250, or 350 metal detector. If the search coil on your Garrett Ace has definitely seen its better days, this is the one you need to start anew and bring new life into your beloved machine. This medium sized search coil is ideal for general purpose hunting for coins and other coin-sized targets. You’ll be getting a lightweight and easily maneuverable search coil that also has the best combination of magnetic field concentration, detection depth, and greatest range of detectable target sizes.



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