• Fully Submersible
  • 10x14" in Diameter
  • Designed for Garrett GTI 1500, GTI 2500

Garrett 10x14" PROformance DD Elliptical Coil (GTI)

Model: 14-2217300

List price $179.95
Our Price: $152.95


A great coil option for your Garrett GTI 2500 or GTI 1500 metal detector is this 10x14” PROformance DD Elliptical search coil. With a coil of this size, you know you’ll be covering more ground per sweep allowing you to canvas large, open areas quickly and efficiently. The Double D coil design is known for significantly reducing the negative effects of highly mineralized soils that you may frequently come across when prospecting or relic hunting. An added bonus for this search coil is that it’s also completely submersible—use it anywhere!



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