• 5” in Diameter
  • Screw-In Connector
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Compatible with Fisher F5 and F19 Metal Detectors

Fisher 5" DD Search Coil w/ Screw-In Conn. (F5/F19)

Model: 12-5COILF5F

List price $159.00
Our Price: $109.00


Stash the trash with the Fisher 5” DD Search Coil and Screw-In Connector! This tiny powerhouse was designed for the metal detecting enthusiast who wants to mow past the trash and find the biggest little treasures out there. It was made for the excavating coins, jewelry, relics and even gold nuggets! The search coil is the perfect accessory for metal detecting over highly mineralized soil and it can get into those hard to reach areas that other search coils can't! It even has electrostatic shielding, a waterproof exterior and a 90 day warranty straight from the factory!



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