• Underwater Headphones
  • Salt Elimination Mode (PI)
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Audio Threshold, Adjustable
  • All Metal Deep Seeking Mode
  • Headphone Jack - Submersible
  • Discrimination - Full Range (PI)
  • Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment
  • Hip Mount Control Box with Pouch
  • Surface Mount PC Board Technology

Sea Hunter Mark II Garrett Metal Detector

Model: 1151970

Our Price: $637.45


Take beach-combing to a new level with the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector. As a favorite of professional treasure hunters, the Sea Hunter Mark II has more than the standard discrimination features; the exceptional Discrete Elimination mode enables the Sea Hunter Mark II to eliminate trash, pull tabs, and other junk, leaving you to amazing finds once confiscated by the sea.

Waterproof up to 200 feet, the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II can go to depths most other detectors can't, making the perfect treasure hunting partner through hours of searching. Whether on the beach or deep in the ocean, use the comfortable hip mounted control box while the Sea Hunter's pulse induction ignores salt water and iron mineralization to find coins, rings, and other jewelry. If you want the tools professionals use to find their scores, look no further than the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.



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