• 11.2x7" DD Elliptical Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 3.9 lbs (1.6 kgs)
  • 15 kHz Operating Frequency
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • 4 Search Modes:
    • General Search (GEN): "All-Metal" Mode, this Mode has a Constant Threshold Sound in the Background
    • Discrimination (DI2): 2-Audio Tone Feature, and is the Deepest One Among the Discrimination Modes. It Minimizes the Effects of High Mineralization and Provides More Depth
    • Discrimination (DI3): 3-Audio Tone Mode Feature, Ideal to Use in Fields with Different Types of Metals, Allows you to Search Faster Listening to the Different Sounds, Good Targets / Bad (don’t dig) Junk
    • Conductive Ground (COG): Special Mode Developed for Wet Beach Sand, Alkali and Mineralized Soils. Resulting in NO RESPONSE to Ferrous Iron Targets while the CoRe will Ground Balance on All Types of Soils
  • 10 Language Options
  • 5 Different Audio Frequencies
  • Depth Indicator Reads Depth of your Target
  • ID Masking Allows user to Reject Hot Rocks, Iron and Tin Foil
  • Digital Target ID Displays Target Information on your Screen
  • Auto and Manual Ground Balance. Gives you the Ability of Working on All Soils
  • Built-In LED Flashlight. Great Feature to have at Dusk or Illuminating a Deep Hole
  • Electronic Pinpointing makes Finding and Digging your Targets with the Push of a Button
  • All Terrain Detector that you can Easily Use on Beach, Mineralized Ground, and Rocky Areas
  • Long Battery Life - Works with 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, Provides Approximately 25-30 Hours of Use
  • Dual LCD Display and Graphical User Interface - Easily Adjust Settings and See All the Info on the Screens
  • Vibration Mode - Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who do not want to use Headphones
  • Easy Use and Ergonomic Design - Its Widest Scan Design and Ergonomics will not Exhaust you During Long Hunts
  • Ground Tracking - Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit. Outstanding Automatic Feature

Nokta FORS CoRe Metal Detector

Model: 1448-FORSCR

List price $699.00
Our Price: $595.00


Looking for an all-terrain metal detector that can be used in almost any search environment? The Nokta has exactly what you need. The Nokta FORS CoRe metal detector features four search modes, waterproof search coil, ID masking, ground tracking, two different discrimination modes, and much more. Take the FORS CoRe metal detector on your next treasure hunting adventure no matter the search location.



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