This pack has a wide variety of items included like USB charging cables, an arm strap, manual, search coil, and an extended, multi-year warranty.

Q40 Pack Quest Metal Detector

Model: 1705.122

Our Price: $539.00


Those who use a Quest metal detector know that there are a variety of packages and benefits that come with relying on this high-end model. The Q40 pack is one of the many examples. This pack has a wide variety of items that every metal hunter will need including:

  • USB Charging Cables
  • An Arm Strap
  • A Manual for the User
  • An extended, multi-year warranty
  • A console from Intuitive Operation System with a built-in Lithium battery that is rechargeable via USB
  • A system that is water-resistant and has been designed for use even in saltwater settings
  • A high-end, deep-penetrating search coil

It is difficult to compete with this pack from Quest. Many of the items that people require for serious detecting are right here in this one-stop shop. Therefore, why not take a look at the Q40 pack and see why everyone has been investing in it?



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