• Longer Bill Design
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • 5” In Diameter & 9” Long
  • Holes Are 5/8” In Diameter
  • Weighs Approximately 1 lb
  • Aluminum Made and Welded
  • Great For Sand and Light Dirt

Pro Forward Handle RTG Speed Scoop

Model: 723

Our Price: $38.95


Accelerate your metal detecting adventure with the RTG Pro Forward Handle Speed Scoop! This curved handle speed scoop is designed for the quick sifting of sand and light gravel with its long bill construction. It will give you a faster recovery time than any other scoop on the market by sifting through more dirt than the competition. The Pro Forward Handle Speed Scoop is made from high grade aluminum and welded together for maximum durability. The scoop's unique design allows it to either be pulled towards you or scooped forward for more versatility. It is perfect for use in metal detecting competitions - especially on the beach!



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