Get Started - Answer These 5 Questions

If you are new to metal detecting, determining the right metal detector can be difficult, especially with so many quality detectors on the market. So, how do you decide which one is right for you? There are 5 key questions that will help you narrow down the options to find the perfect companion to help you find the treasure of a lifetime.

What are you looking for?
Determining what kinds of finds you are looking for will help you narrow down what kind of detector you need. If you are looking for any and all metals, you will want an “all-purpose” metal detector that will find you coins, jewelry, relics, gold and more. There are several all-purpose metal detectors that will fit into all price ranges. Detectors such as the Garrett ACE 250, ACE 350, White’s MX5 or the Minelab E-Trac are perfect for finding treasures of all metal make ups.

If you are wanting to search more specifically for relics, artifacts or treasures caches, there are several models such as the Garrett GTI 2500 with Eagle Eye and Teknetics T2 that have key features to help you find those kinds of treasures. Finally, if you are looking for natural gold nuggets, a high frequency detector such as the Minelab's Eureka Gold, Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack, any of the Fisher Gold Bugs or the Minelab GPX 5000 or Minelab SDC 2300.

Where are you looking?
Whether you are going to be searching in your own neighborhood or traveling to a specific search destination, the area you are going to be treasure hunting could require special equipment and should be considered when looking for a detector. If you are staying in domestic areas such as parks, playgrounds, old school yards, camping grounds, or other dry ground sites, you will want an all-purpose metal detector. If you are searching in damp areas such as a lake front or river shore, you will want a detector with a water-proof search coil that can be used in shallow water. Most all-purpose metal detectors are safe for shallow water and damp conditions.

However, when searching in salt water condition or areas where your detector could be submerged in water, you will need an underwater detector that has a waterproof housing. The Minelab Excalibur II series, Minelab CTX-3030, or the Garrett Sea Hunter all have waterproof housings and will not be disrupted by the conductivity of salt water.

How often will you be metal detecting?
Metal detecting is a fun, exciting hobby that is great for the whole family; there’s no doubt it’s easy to get addicted just like we are. It’s important to make sure the metal detector you are investing in is durable. Detectors like the Fisher F70 and F75 metal detector lines are machines that were built to last. Whether you are searching in unique environments or not, you will want to check reviews on your detector and consider the warranty. Manufacturers such as Minelab, Garrett, White's and Fisher fantastic warranties that will keep you and your metal detector protected.

What is your experience level?
No matter your experience level, there are detectors for every skill level. Many metal detectors are now automatic and come equipped with simple, out-of-the-box operations.
The Garrett AT Pro, White’s Coinmaster and Minelab GO-FIND series are all easy to use from the moment you turn them on. While the Teknetics T2 and Minelab Safari also have simple operation, they require a bit more experience.

What is your budget?
After you have determined what you are looking for and where you are looking, the final thing to consider is your budget. When deciding your budget, remember this: metal detecting is the only hobby that can pay you back what you put into it. The better your equipment, the better the possibility of a great find. Whatever your price range, good equipment is always worth the investment.