• Blade Length : 9"
  • Total Length : 30.75"
  • Color : Powder Coated (black)
  • Foot Pegs : Wide, Non-Slip “Cleated” Foot Pegs
  • Teeth : Teeth on Blade Edges for Cutting Roots
  • Handle Width : 5.5″ Fits Standard Shovel Holster
  • Extra Feature : Built-In, Double-Sided Bottle Opener
  • Construction : Tempered Steel, Heat Treated for Durability
  • Manufactured : 100% Made in Kansas in the Good Old USA
  • This Shovel is Used by the Diggers (Team ATC)

Anaconda Standard 31" Anaconda Shovel

Model: 1686-SHOVELNX530

Our Price: $99.95


This shovel from Anaconda is made from tempered steel and heat treated for durability. The 31" shovel is powder coated black and the 9" blade has teeth on each side to cut roots. The handle is made to fit a standard 5.5" shovel holster. Also includes a built-in, double-sided bottle opener! Made in the USA. This shovel is used by KG and Ringy from Diggin TV! (Anaconda Treasure).



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