• Sensitivity - 72 dB @ 1kHz min.
  • Impedance - 150 Ohms Nominal
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty Muff-to-Muff Connection Cable
  • Compact Carry and Storage Foldable Design
  • Heavy-Duty Coil Cable with Special 1/4", 90° Angle Stereo Connector
  • Adjustable Padded Headband... No Screws, No Wire Frame, No Rust!
  • Frequency Response - 200 to 3200 Hz... Only what your Detector Uses
  • Heavy-Duty Polymer Muffs with Full-Ear Surround, Soft Comfortable Cushions
  • Single Rotary Volume Control with "Stay Put" Segmented "Click" Positioning
  • Speakers Designed for Maximum Sensitivity, Efficiency, Durability, and Signal Quality
  • Special Sound-Blocking Muff Design Eliminating Environmental Ambient Noise up to 24 Decibels
  • Selector Switch for Metal Detector Compatibility with All Single-Output Metal Detectors without Adapters

Nugget Buster Detector Pro Headphones

Model: 33000

Our Price: $107.99


Professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters alike will love the Detector Pro Nugget Buster. Without any limiter, you will hear the faintest signal while the special sound-blocking ear muff eliminates environmental noises. With simple controls and heavy-duty construction, the Nugget Buster provides clear sound so you don't miss a find.



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