• 9.5" Waterproof Search Coil
  • 14kHz Operating Frequency
  • 2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 7 Tone I.D.
  • Full Size Display
  • 40 Hours of Battery Life
  • Slide-In AA Battery Pack
  • Pinpoint / All Metal Mode
  • American Made Craftsmanship
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Auto Trac® Toggle: Beach, Auto and Off Mode
  • Turn-On-And-Go Simplicity - 2 Controls (DISC and SENS)

Matrix M6 White's Metal Detector

Model: 800-0317

Our Price: $549.95


Get the best bang for metal detecting buck with White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector! The Matrix M6 is high performing, yet inexpensive detector. It's easy-to-operate and works for all ground conditions. You can find gold and silver coins on almost any terrain and it even features a “beach mode” to hunt on wet, salty sand!

The Matrix M6 is fairly simple use with three easy-set labels that offer full-range maximum depth. The detector also features a seven tone target identification at 57HZ to 900HZ tone range so you can just listen for the dig! The display comes in handy too with target labels, VDI numbers and depth readings to aid your metal detecting adventures.



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