Heavy Duty 2200mAh NiMH White's Battery

Model: 802-5321

Our Price: $79.95


Bring your metal detector back to life with White's Heavy Duty 2200mAh Nimh Battery! This 2200mAh Nimh Battery act as a replacement and / or substitution for the standard 802-5281 NiMH (1800 mAh) Rechargeable Battery and / or 802-5211-1 Nicad Battery. It provides 2200 mAh capacity for a 20% increase in use time prior to being recharged over the standard 802-5281. The 2200mAh Nimh Battery can only be recharged with the 960-5090037 NiMH Charger or 960-8025285 NiMH Charging Stand.


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