• Power, Elliptical 6x10" DD Search Coil
  • 48 kHz Operating Frequency
  • The Grab Push Pad
  • Iron Target Analyzer
  • “Follow the Paystreaks”
  • Initial Control Settings
  • Full-time Iron ID Bar Graph
  • Automatic Ground Balance
  • Slide-in “AA” Batter System
  • Optional Audio Iron ID “Grunt”
  • Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold

GMT White's Metal Detector

Model: 800-0294

Our Price: $729.00


With White's GMT, all that glitters is gold! It's easy to see why this detector is considered White's master gold-finding device. The GMT simplifies metal detecting by ignoring harsh minerals in gold-bearing areas. With the “Follow the Paystreak” feature, you can see how much magnetic material there is in the ground. The GMT also has Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold (VSAT), and a Grab Pushpad to set the ground balance. The detector has 3 ways to identify iron without the loss of depth or sensitivity. You can even combine the GMT's iron identification capabilities with the bar graph on the control box!



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