• 5” in Diameter
  • Push-In Connector
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Designed for Fisher F5 Metal Detectors

Fisher 5" DD Search Coil with Push-In Connector (F5 / F19)

Model: 12-coil5

Our Price: $135.15


Go small or go home with the Fisher 5” Search Coil and Push-In Connector! This 5” Search Coil is the perfect metal detecting accessory for unearthing coins, smaller jewelry, relics and even gold nuggets. It eats away through trash like a compactor and works like a powerhouse through highly mineralized soil. At only 5” in diameter, it can squeeze itself into spots where other larger coils simply cannot reach. It will never make you go home early because this shorty is electrostatically shielded and waterproof for protection. It's even backed by a 90 day factory warranty from the giants at Fisher!



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