• 10” in Diameter
  • Screw-In Connector
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Coil Penetrates Deeper for Larger Treasure Finds

Fisher 10" Search Coil with Screw-In Connector (F2 / F4)

Model: 10coilf

Our Price: $59.50


Find a treasure connection with the Fisher 10” Search Coil with Screw-In Connector! The Fisher 10” Search Coil was built to cover a wider search area in less time, penetrate deeper into the earth and find larger treasures than its smaller cousins. It is perfect for metal detecting coin caches, relics or post hole banks in all types of soil conditions. As with all Fisher search coils, the search coil is electrostatically shielded, waterproof and carries a 90 day factory warranty.



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