• 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ultra-Lightweight 11" DD Waterproof Coil
  • Weighs - 3.5 lbs (1.58 kgs)
  • QuickMaskTM
  • 1600mAh NiMH or Alkaline Batteries
  • Ergonomic, Perfectly Balanced Handle Assembly
  • Pinpoint with Audio and Visual Indicators on Two Modes
  • Refined Threshold Adjustment Level on a 1-50 Scale for Greater Precision to Suit your Requirements
  • Clear Resolution Visual Display panel 72mm x 48mm - Designed for Optimum Visibility in All Light Conditions
  • User-Centered Keypad and Menu Design – Fast and Easy to Use with Intuitive Icons and Logical Menu Sequences
  • Trash Density Settings - High Ensures you Experience Fewer False Signals in High Trash Environments while Low is Perfect for Cleaner Sites

E-TRAC Minelab Metal Detector

Model: 3228-0021

Our Price: $1,549.00


For the serious treasure hunter, the man that will stop at nothing to find what he searches for, the determined seeker of long-lost relics---for you, only the top of the line will do. We’ve found your perfect metal detector, the only weapon you need in your arsenal—Minelab’s E-TRAC Metal Detector. Equipped with Minelab’s unique Full Brand Spectrum (FBS) technology and Smartfind TM discrimination, this is surely their most technologically advanced metal detector yet. FBS technology with simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz - 100kHz analyzes more target information so that target identification is more accurate. Tune out the junk and hone in on only the treasure you seek! Equipped with four pre-programmed Minelab user modes with specific settings and patterns suited to Coins, High Trash, Beach and Relics, you can easily switch on this metal detector and get hunting quickly. The ground setting options of Neutral and Difficult on this metal detector allow you to easily adapt to highly favorable or more challenging operating conditions. The E-TRAC Metal Detector is a top performer in a variety of mineralized ground conditions, such as extremely salty soils, shallow seawater, wet beach sand, and highly magnetic ground. With its 28 deep detecting frequencies, you can be confident the Minelab E-TRAC will find silver and gold coins, diamond rings, gold wedding rings, jewelry, gold, and lost treasures of all sorts, even if other detectors missed them! With Minelab’s groundbreaking Xchange USB functionality, you can now connect your metal detector to your computer to download and upload your E-TRAC settings, user modes, and discrimination patterns—even share them with fellow treasure hunting friends! By arming yourself with the Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector, you will be sure to find jewelry, valuable coins, gold, and relics easily and more often.



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