• Static Pinpoint
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • 2 Modes of Operation:
    • All Metal
    • Discrimination
  • Digital Target-ID System
  • Visual Background Iron-ID
  • Includes 5" DD Search Coil
  • Includes 11" DD Search Coil
  • Selectable V.C.O. Base Tone
  • Choice of 3 Tones plus V.C.O
  • Ground Phase Error Readout
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost
  • Independent Gain & Threshold Control
  • Includes 10" Concentric Elliptical Search Coil
  • Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Notching Controls – Discrimination & Variable Volume by Category

Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector - 3 Coil Package

Model: 622-OMEGA85CC

Our Price: $849.00


Get thrice the action with the Omega 8500 Metal Detector and 3 different search coils! With this set, you get 3 different coils for all your metal detecting needs! This set includes a 5" DD search coil for precise pinpointing, a 10" concentric elliptical search coil for small area sweeps and a 11" DD search coil for larger area sweeps.

New to this line of metal detectors is the Iron Segment ID which will indicate the presence of iron regardless of what mode you are in. This great for those who love finding more than one thing! Included in the Omega 8500 is a positive ground balance offset that allows for automation and even easier programming! A deep mode is included as well with 4 settings and various filter options to control retune speed and block EMI. You'll also get an additional tone setting with non-proportional audio for a clearer, more defined sound.

The Omega 8500 Metal Detector, like the previous Omega 8000 includes a large control housing.New to this control housing is an adjustable back lit screen that is perfect for any type of sky conditions. The control housing includes an intuitive interface, a numerical depth readout, a menu system and a running depth indicator so you will never miss a target. The Omega 8500includes a static pinpointing system which helps you center the target, increase the pitch of the audio when you are right over your treasure and indicates how deep the target is! There are also 64 levels of discrimination included in this metal detector so that you can find the treasure of a lifetime!



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