• 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ultra-Lightweight 11" DD Waterproof Coil
  • Weighs - 3.6 lbs (1.6 kgs)
  • Notch Discrimination with 51 Segments
  • Runs on 8 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries
  • RPG Headphones with Dual Left / Right Channel Volume
  • Fully Automatic and Manual Sensitivity Control Options
  • Intuitive Menu Interface for Fast and Easy Access and Adjustment
  • Pinpoint with Audio and Visual Indicators for More Accurate Detection
  • Four Pre-Programmed Detection Modes - Coin; Coin/Jewelry; Relic and All Metal
  • Target Volume Adjust - Adapts Target Signal Volume to Suit User Preference
  • Noise Cancel - Automatically Selects the Quietest, Most Stable Channel for Detecting
  • Robust, Well Balanced Design and Long Lower Shaft for Comfortable Detecting Over Longer Periods

Minelab Safari Pro Pack Metal Detector

Model: 237-32180116

List price $1,450.00
Our Price: $1,115.00


The Minelab Safari Pro metal detector is an ideal treasure hunting machine for both beginners and life-long coin and relic hunters alike. Featuring a Full Band Spectrum (FBS) of 28 simultaneously broadcasting frequencies, it outperforms most other detectors that only operate at one or two frequencies. Combined with automatic ground compensation for almost all soil conditions and automatic noise cancelling for difficult electromagnetic interference, the Safari is well-equipped to find gold rings, silver coins, and hidden treasures other metal detectors might have skipped over. The High Trash Density setting on the Minelab Safari Pro allows you to quickly update target ID’s and audio tones when hunting over closely spaced targets. The Linear Discrimination options on the Safari Pro make signals from iron trash non-existent. You’ll be sure to get clearer signals on quality targets deeper and more often with this detector! Included with the Safari Pro Pack are a rechargeable battery system for longer detecting and fully enclosed headphones to hear the real sounds of treasures buried deep below.



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