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February 25, 2016
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Off Season Blues: Things To Do While Waiting

Off Season Blues: Things To Do While Waiting

We all know how the anticipation of waiting for the better weather and days to go metal detecting. If you are like me and have been dealing with blistering cold and snow, then you feel the struggle a bit more
than most folks. Don’t be discouraged; because there are other things that you can do while waiting for warmer weather again. I have found that keeping busy with other, smaller metal detecting projects help to keep my mind focused on the better hunting days to come. So, I know how you all feel, therefore, I have some advice for different things to do while waiting.

Finding out where other metal detectorists are in your community is always a good thing to start. A great metal detecting clubs can not only provide potential friends, they provide a wealth of knowledge and
activities! I have found help and new hunting buddies that have been detecting with me for years! I always recommend this to others. One way to find out if there is a detecting club in your state is to search metal detecting forums or go to Click on the “search for buddies” section and a list of clubs, detecting events, businesses, etc.

That’s another awesome resource! You can also use social media to your advantage. I have found treasure hunting groups through Facebook and have talked at length with others in the hobby. Ask around by networking and asking friends of friends. Suggest to those you know if there is anyone that they know who can guide you. Instagram as a visual site is nice because you can directly ask someone in the same hobby a question or advice. Search the site with the most popular hashtags such as #metaldetecting, #treasurehunting, #dirtfishing, etc. I’ve had to get myself more involved with social media to find others who detect, but it’s worth it. The way people research has changed over the years, so don’t discard social media as an option.

Another thing that will keep you busy and keep your eyes on that treasure prize is looking into upgrading your accessories, such as search coils or digging tools. I think this is good, especially is it’s been a long
while since you have seen what new products are available. One of the best, new metal detecting accessories I recommend is the Lesche LS Digging Tool. I recommend you check my other blog post called “Top Accessories of 2015.” Having a new search coil or interchanging with the one you have, can let you find more and give you enhanced sensitivity while metal detecting. Smaller search coils are nice for hunting in trashy park areas. Larger coils let you search more ground and are good for searching fields

While looking into upgrading accessories is great, you can use the extra time to upgrade your machine or get a different type of metal detector all together. You may decide that you want a land AND water metal detector or just a gold detector. I suggest doing some research in trying to obtain relics and artifacts that are on your bucket list. People’s preferences change frequently. For example, when as my admiration for coins and relics grew, I knew I had to upgrade to a more powerful metal detector designed to find those specific things.

I wanted a machine that had better, enhanced features to save me time and cover more potential sites. I had to make sure my metal detector has advanced visual target identification to see deeper buried coins and to separate trash or treasure. There’s a metal detector perfect for anybody’s specific needs. Again, don’t forget about checking out Google Earth. For example, to find those hidden farm fields. Warmer weather is one its way!

Happy Hunting!