If you’re like me and enjoy hearing about new and upcoming detecting technology, you will really like this bit of news from Garrett Metal Detectors! On January 20th, Garrett announced exciting news about their new metal detector models coming in the ACE series! Garrett says the new ACE series will “revamp” the ACE current series! You can expect that they have developed new ways for you to get the most out of your ACE machine. Garrett mentioned that each one of the new detectors will include “Digital Target ID”, which is a 100 digit target information display for even more advanced target identification. For improved stability and strength, they have also included stem locks on each machine.

You can expect to have new audio packages with each one as well. Let’s take a look at the new ACE detectors and new search coils below:

ACE 400: One of the best things about the ACE 400metal detector, is that Garrett is including the Iron Audio feature on this. For those of you that don’t know, this feature was found on the AT Gold and AT Pro models. The Iron Audio feature is helpful because you can hear any type of iron content in items such as bottle caps or steel objects. The ACE 400 detector comes with a higher frequency of 10 k Hz for better sensitivity to lower conductivity items. Garrett said that the 400 model comes with the same advanced search coil as the proven to be popular with the ACE 350 model- the 8.5”x 11” DD configuration PROformance coil. You’ll also expect to see five discrimination modes, High-Resolution Iron Discrimination, electronic pinpointing and more!

I like the new accessories that Garrett is adding for you for FREE! You’ll get volume control ClearSound Easy Stow headphones, new ACE Environmental Cover-up to protect your control box and an 8.5”x11” DD search coil cover. According to Garrett, the price for this model will be $399.95.

ACE 400i: The “i” model, also known as ACE 400 International metal detector, will have the same price and most of the same features of the regular 400 model. What makes the “i” model different because the US coin denominations will be removed from the Target ID Legend. Garrett said that this model will include added pixels of resolution and high-tone and mid-tone audio break points. The 400i has better features with the international treasure hunter in mind too! For example, the machine has variances in the Mode/Discrimination patterns.

ACE 300: This metal detector comes with a search coil even larger than the one on the ACE 250- 7”x10” concentric PROformance search coil, which provides better detection depth and coverage. You’ll be able to hunt better with a higher frequency, an improved Digital Target ID, Frequency Adjust, more Iron Discrimination segments than the ACE 250 and stem locks for more stability. Garrett will also be giving detectorists free accessories with this one too! The ACE Environmental Cover up, ClearSound headphones and a 7” x 10” search coil cover.

ACE 300i: The 3ooi model (or ACE 300 International) will have the same features as the 400i model. International treasure hunters will find that this detector can also meet their specific needs. This machine, like the 400i, comes with additional pixels of resolution for iron discrimination. I’m very interested in the “i” model metal detector models in particular and think they would be great to field test!

ACE 200 and 200i: If you are a beginner in the hobby, you will especially like these two. Garrett said these are entry-point detectors. You can think of these as enhanced versions of the ACE 150 metal detector. Based on new information from Garrett, both machines will have a larger Digital target ID system and include camlocks for stability. The international version (200i) will have similar features of the other international detector models.

There will also be two larger, closed search coils for the Garrett ATX machines. Garrett mentioned they will be the 11”x13” DD and Mono coils. They both will offer better, increased depth and be more lightweight. The new closed style coil gives you more resistance against the ground and lets gold prospectors can use the new upper coil deck as an easier way to find smaller gold nuggets. . There’s a new “slide-lock” system design that that creates a center-mount style, while still allowing the machine to collapse into the case. The new ATX coil will be bought as an accessory coil.

As far as a release date for all these new ACE metal detectors, Garrett has set a date for April 1st, which coincides with their anniversary. According to their Facebook announcement, they first plan to release the advanced versions of the ACE series, then the 200 and 200i.

I cannot wait to see more on these detectors and test these out!

Happy Hunting!