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June 7, 2018
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Jumpy Signal Produces 1880 Gold

Jumpy Signal Produces 1880 Gold

My Detecting Buddy, Jason, has had several great coin finds from an area he has been Detecting for months. The area keeps producing amazing finds. Again I was working and could not join him in his latest Treasure Hunt. When I read Jason’s story I thought to myself; how many times have I passed up on a signal like this. In my experience when I dig these targets, they produce shotgun shells and scraps of tin or small pieces of copper or nails. This is Jason’s story he sent me.

Skipped out of work on a Wednesday around 2 pm and went to the spot that has been hit a hundred times. Last week my brother found a 1752 King George in the corner area of the field. We said why not go back to the same area and try our luck. I had to be home in a couple of hours, so it was an improvised short trip.

I was detecting with my brother who was about 60 feet away. I use the Garrett AT Pro with the Nel Big coil. Within 30 min of being on the site, I got a growly hit that was jumping from 46/53/54/60 on the VDI scale Dept. was reading 6-8 inches down.

I started to dig my plug and clear out the hole with the pinpointer when I saw the rim of the coin and my heart skipped a beat. Immediately I knew I had found what I thought was a quarter. I yelled to my brother to come over. As I am inspecting the rim of the coin, I suddenly noticed that’s it’s not silver and started to think it was a copper that had been toasted out. When he gets to me I pull out the coin and to our amazement, it’s a Five Dollar Gold coin. The complete shock that we found that coin hasn’t really gone away. This coin is why I am so thrilled about Detecting. I finally found a real piece of Treasure.

Congratulations to Jason. From the Official Red Book, the coin is a Liberty Head half Eagle, Variety 2- Motto above Eagle (1866-1908). It was designed by Christian Gobrecht, who was also instrumental in the seated coins that are so popular.

Happy Treasure Hunting