My buddy Jeff, from Hanover Massachusetts, had been metal detecting with his Bounty Hunter machine and decided it was time to move up a notch and went out to purchase a Garrett Ace 350. Shortly after he hit gold! Jeff and I decided to go out metal detecting together. I had received permission to hunt in an area that was an old 1800 Homestead on the south shore of Massachusetts. Jeff was very excited to try out his new detector and I was looking forward to finding some old colonial coppers.

We began our concentration on the surrounding area near the front of the house. My first find was an old worn out spoon that had seen better days. After an hour of searching pulling out pieces of scrap copper Jeff found a much worn shield nickel. We kept moving and headed to the back of the house where we found a lot of top change. We decided to grid off the lower backyard area – Jeff to the right side and me to the left – and we started to swing.

After about 10 minutes we kept saying to each other, there has to be something good out here. Then Jeff’s Garrett Ace 350 got a solid hit five inches down, a pull-tab reading. I passed him and kept a straight line knowing he would catch up. That’s when I heard him holler, “You will not believe what is in this hole, come over now!” Jeff had a smile on his face spanning from ear to ear.

I looked down the hole and even though I was only able to see just a small piece of the coin, there it was, gold glimmering right back at me.Let me tell you, I have not personally found a gold coin before, but there is no doubt that when you find gold, you know it! Unlike that of a gold plated ring or other gold jewelry, this 1915 Indian head gold quarter eagle shined as if there had a bright white light over it.I was very happy for Jeff, but said “Dang, why didn’t I take the right side instead of the left?” Jeff is now going back to previously detected areas finding deeper coins he missed the first time.

I will say after this adventure, he is one lucky guy and I can’t wait to see or hear about what he finds next. I’m looking forward to many more exciting metal detecting trips!