Nokta Impact Finds Old Deep Silver!

I will try to make this brief. Detectorists have been asking, “What’s up with your BLOGS?” I know it has been a long time. I had an L-4 L-5 lumbar back fusion surgery, which took me out of the metal detecting game for a couple of months. As you can imagine, my back was hurting me very bad and I knew the recovery would be ...

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Pinpointing 101

One of the best metal detector companions is the pinpointer. It is designed to help you locate items faster and prevent damage to the object. Pinpointers are a time saver and their technology has been upgrading fast throughout the years. It’s important to know more about them so you get the most out of your hunt. Here’s a mini guide I put together for you! ...

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Therapy for the Shoulder and Metal Detecting

I’ve told people for years that metal detecting has all kinds of surprising benefits. You really will start to see your life improve in all kinds of ways. One of the great things that the hobby does is help those going through physical therapy. It acts as another way to get your body back the way it was so it can heal. I am not ...

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New Garrett ACE Metal Detectors Coming Soon!

If you’re like me and enjoy hearing about new and upcoming detecting technology, you will really like this bit of news from Garrett Metal Detectors! On January 20th, Garrett announced exciting news about their new metal detector models coming in the ACE series! Garrett says the new ACE series will “revamp” the ACE current series! You can expect that they have developed new ways for ...


Winter Time Detecting

Winter time is here! Everybody is dealing with the cold weather and some of us have the extra snow to deal with. Well, where I go detecting, like the parks, schools and the farm fields, each location is frozen. I broke my old shovel this past weekend. The shovel handle was wooden but broke at the head. I got two years of use out of ...

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Water Detecting In The Summer

Spring is over, the weather is hot and humid, which means summer is here! I am the first to say that I enjoy hunting in parks, farm fields and the woods. However, I think the best approach is to hunt on land in the early fall, when the weather is pleasant. I took a few water detectors out over the past couple of weeks and ...

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Metal Detecting Meteorites

When most people think of metal detecting, their minds automatically conjure up an image of Spanish gold bars and stolen pirate treasure. Some metal detecting enthusiasts will even think about digging up natural minerals such as diamonds or gold nuggets. But what else can be dug up from the ground that is naturally occurring and is much more valuable? If you thought meteorites than you ...

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Hunting Private Property

To My Fellow Coin Shooters/Relic Hunters, Locating that hot spot for metal detecting can be quite a challenge and frustrating at times. Here are some tips that can help in getting permission to treasure hunt private property. Finding, locating, and identifying a potential hunting spot are some things you need to know. So, you jump in your vehicle and start driving to a new location. ...

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Detector

My buddy Jeff, from Hanover Massachusetts, had been metal detecting with his Bounty Hunter machine and decided it was time to move up a notch and went out to purchase a Garrett Ace 350. Shortly after he hit gold! Jeff and I decided to go out metal detecting together. I had received permission to hunt in an area that was an old 1800 Homestead on ...

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Looking for Best Metal Detectors?

Save Money and Find the Best Metal Detector for Hobby, Security, Industrial, and Professional Use

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