Metal Detector Blog | September 2016

Great Turnout at the Treasure Show!

Silver City Treasure Seekers promoted a great treasure show this past weekend. I was very impressed with the water and land finds that were on display from the vendors and detectorists! I have been metal detecting for over 30 years and I was amazed at seeing such a variety of coins, jewelry and relics from different time periods. Congratulations to... Read More
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Silver City Treasure Seekers Treasure Show

One of my favorite things about being a detectorist is to be with others who enjoy the same hobby. Whether they are customers in the shop, or just some good friends, having like-minded treasure hunters to share your experiences with increases it x 10! I have heard stories from others about events in the local community that help raise awareness of the... Read More
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Another Unique Surprise From History

In late August, I had another neat metal detecting experience that I want to share with you. It never stops to amaze me the things that pop up from the ground. I’ve been finding some much needed treasure after a short dry spell. One of my favorite things about the hobby is the variety of items out there. I’m talking about utensils, clothing items, hair... Read More
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