Metal Detector Blog | April 2016

Hammered Cob Coin

I went out this past weekend metal detecting with my friend George. Just a reminder, I wrote a blog this January about his unbelievable 1652 Pine Tree Shilling find! We went out detecting in Southern Massachusetts at a spot that we’ve both previously found some early colonial coppers. This same spot is also where I found a handmade 1600 belt buckle and... Read More
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Therapy for the Shoulder and Metal Detecting

I’ve told people for years that metal detecting has all kinds of surprising benefits. You really will start to see your life improve in all kinds of ways. One of the great things that the hobby does is help those going through physical therapy. It acts as another way to get your body back the way it was so it can heal. I am not a medical doctor, however I... Read More
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Battlefield Ammunition:Musket Balls and Shot

I have been metal detecting for over 30 yrs. I have found a variety of musket balls in my time. I always wondered about the origin and history of such a find. My knowledge is weak in this area.I had a guest speaker come to the Silver City Treasure Seeker’s Metal Detecting Club last Friday by the name of Daniel Sivilich, who is the author of the book,... Read More
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