Metal Detector Blog | March 2016

Top Places I’d Like To Metal Detect

I have a display case of my recent finds at the shop.Everybody asks me where I go to find all my treasure. I would tell them I find things all over. However, I personally go hunting with a group of friends who all like old 1700-1800 coins and buttons, etc. I would consider myself a “coin shooter”. This past year, I have found over ten 1800 coins and... Read More
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Common Mistakes Metal Detectorists Make

Like any new hobby or sport, it’s common to make errors while metal detecting. I’ve seen and heard of many different types of mistakes that detectorists make. This can greatly affect their progression in the hobby, along with what they find. Most people have no idea that they are making such errors. However, I am here to identify what they are and how to... Read More
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Satisfied Customer Becomes Detecting Buddy

I first met Glenn at the shop over a year ago. He is among the top dedicated detectorists I know! He’s a great competitor for the sport of metal detecting. Glenn does his research and he puts the extra time into the hobby. He brought several finds into the shop to show me. Once again, he has some excellent finds. Again, he is always... Read More
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Treasure Find: You Might Have This One!

Most detectorists I know, are working on their bucket list or trying to find that elusive coin. I have customers who have found gold coins, Pine Tree shillings, gold pocket watches, Spanish Reales, colonial coppers, etc.These treasure finds are very difficult to come by. You need to first find the right location and then be able to swing the coil over that... Read More
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