• 10x5.5” and 5” Waterproof DD Search Coils
  • Total Weight - 3.3 lbs (1.5 kgs)
  • 56 kHz Operating Frequency
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ground Tracking
  • DISC Filter - 0-40
  • Coil Covers Included
  • Audio Boost Available
  • Sensitivity Range - 1-10
  • Battery - (4) AA Alkaline
  • Intelligent Masking (iMASK)
  • Rain & Dust Resistant (IP54)
  • Total Length - 47-55" Adjustable
  • Ferrous / Non-Ferrous LED Indicator
  • Metal Discrimination - By Audio and LED
  • Operating Principle - VLF Induction Balance
  • Search Modes - 3 (ALL METAL, DISC.1, DISC.2)
  • Ground Balance - Automatic, Manual, Tracking
  • Automatic and Manual Ground Balance Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold (iSAT)

AU Gold Finder Nokta | Makro Metal Detector

Model: 10000608

Our Price: $680.00


Hunting for gold has never been easier than with the Nokta AU Gold Finder Metal Detector! This ingenious new gold detector from Nokta was designed for discovering gold nuggets in any terrain. The AU Gold Finder utilizes automatic, tracking and manual ground balancing for maximum cancelization of highly mineralized soil. It operates at 56kHz frequency to provides best quality sensitivity and depth when hunting for gold.

The AU Gold Finder includes three different search modes on the quest for finding gold. The ALL METAL Mode penetrates deepest into the ground and makes the AU Gold Finder an excellent overall metal detector for finding just about anything. The DISC.1 FAST Mode was designed to hunt for gold in fields with significant quantities of conductive rocks or areas with high mineralization. This setting improves the recovery speed of the device as well as increasing target detection where trash is prevalent. The DISC.2 DEEP Mode is a two tone discrimination setting made hunting gold fields with less mineralization or hot rocks than normal. This setting provides an better depth performance and the ability to pinpoint both large and small gold nuggets.

The AU Gold Finder is a blast to use and the controls on the device are so easy even a novice can use them. When it comes to durability, this device is second to none because the AU Gold Finder comes with IP54 Rating. The IP54 Rating protects the gold detector from receiving any kind of damage due to dust or water. The AU Gold Finder even includes two waterproof DD search coils (one 10x5.5" and one 5") along two search coil covers for protection.



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