• LED Indicators
  • Volume Control
  • Frequency Scan
  • Fully Collapsible
  • Waterproof Speaker
  • Maximum Detection
  • Quick Iron Check Feature
  • Advanced Ground Balance
  • Ground Track with 4 Settings
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes
  • Exclusive Design DD Search Coil

ATX Extreme PI Garrett Metal Detector

Model: 1140860

Our Price: $2,120.75


The Garrett ATX Extreme PI Metal Detector is built for harsh environments like salt water and highly mineralized ground in all terrains. Comfortably scan walls or embankments with the search coil locked at 90 degrees and Motion or Non-motion modes for optimum performance. Advanced Ground Balance handles a wide range to ground balance so you don't have to switch modes.

The Garrett ATX Extreme features Quick Iron Check, adjustable discrimination, and maximum detection on all targets means you don't miss a find. Go treasure hunting in extreme terrains with the Garrett ATX Extreme metal detector. Finally, a metal detector as hard core as you are.



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