• Waterproof
  • 9x12" in Diameter
  • Designed for Garrett Ace 150, 250 and 350
  • Elliptical Shape Helps Retain Both Depth and Search Power

9x12" ACE PROformance Garrett Search Coil (ACE Series / CSI 250)

Model: 2221900

Our Price: $84.95


With this 9x12” Ace PROformance Search Coil by Garrett, you can easily add range and versatility to your Garrett Ace 150, 250, or 350 metal detector. Switching out to this elliptical search coil is like getting two coils in one! Some of the benefits of an elliptical coil include being able to retain the depth of the larger circumference 12” search coil to hunt for those deeper targets while still maintaining the more concentrated search power of the smaller round 9” coil center for the smaller targets located in surface ground and mid-level depths. You’ll be able to efficiently sweep over large areas and still have the pinpointing accuracy to lock onto your treasures!



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