• 9" in Diameter
  • Frequency of 3kHz
  • Designed for Minelab X-Terra 505, 70 and 705
  • Ideal for Highly Conductive Targets (Silver, Copper, Rings and Relics)

9" Concentric Minelab Search Coil (X-Terra 505 / 70 / 705)

Model: 3011-0099

Our Price: $193.00


The Minelab 9” Concentric Search Coil with a 3 kHz frequency is a good choice for your X-Terra series metal detector when you’re hunting for highly conductive targets such as silver and copper coins, large rings, and relics. This low frequency concentric search coil is also waterproof and lightweight, performing well in all soils with the exception of very highly mineralized conditions.



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