• 8" in Diameter
  • Designed for Minelab E-Series
  • Fully Submersible up to 1 Meter
  • Includes Shaft, Coil Cover & Hardware

8" FBS Minelab Search Coil with Lower Rod (E-Series)

Model: 3011-0226

Our Price: $284.00


The Minelab 8” FBS Search Coil for your E-Series metal detector gets you into tighter, smaller areas to hunt for your treasures than with larger models. This search coil will pick up fewer multiple targets in trash-littered areas and get you working closer to metal fences, sidewalks, buildings, etc. The 8” FBS Search Coil is also waterproof, letting you hunt for your prize at the beach as well as inland. Included with this product are the carbon fiber lower shaft, cover, and hardware.



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