• Made In The USA
  • No Tools Necessary
  • High-Impact Plastic
  • Protects Against Wear & Tear
  • Does Not Reduce Detection Depth
  • Absorbs Shocks and Moist Grass Static
  • Made For White's 5.3 Eclipse Search Coil & Black Max 600 Search Coil

6x6" White's Coil Cover (5.3 Eclipse / Blue Max 600)

Model: 5014067

Our Price: $5.95


Snap it on and take off with White's 6x6" Coil Cover for the 5.3 Eclipse and Black Max 600 search coils! This awesome search coil cover was made in the USA with high-impact plastic to protect your search coil against cuts, slits and excessive wear. It is also well adept at absorbing shocks and moist grass static as well as keeping the search coil clean and scratch free. No tools are required to install as it just snaps right onto the search coil for maximum ease!



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