• No Tools Required
  • No Need To Remove
  • Manufactured In The USA
  • Made With High-Impact Plastic
  • Absorbs Moist Grass Static & Shocks
  • Made For White's GMT Metal Detector Search Coils
  • Protects Against Cuts, Scratches, Dirt, Slits, and Excessive Wear

6x10" Elliptical White's Coil Cover (GMT)

Model: 501-1068

Our Price: $6.95


Give your coil the protection it needs with White's GMT 6x10” Elliptical Coil Cover! This coil cover easily snaps onto the bottom of your search coil for maximum protection against cuts, scratches, dirt, slits and excessive wear. The coil cover is also great at absorbing shocks and moist grass static that could easily fry the device. It is manufactured in the USA and made of high-impact plastic so you know that its quality. There is also no need to ever remove the coil cover once installed as it does not reduce detection depth!



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