• Waterproof
  • 6.5” in Diameter
  • Compatible with Fisher F70 and F75 Metal Detectors

6.5" Elliptical Fisher Search Coil (F70 / F75)

Model: 6coil-e

Old Price: $119.00

Our Price: $90.00


Point yourself into a lucrative direction with the Fisher 6.5” Elliptical Search Coil! This elliptical search coil is the perfect pal for positively pinpointing precious prizes like jewelry, coins and relics. The small shape of the search coil allows it to outperform its bigger metal detecting cousins and pickup treasures that would otherwise be missed. Best of all, its electrostatically shielded and waterproofed so you will never have to worry about this little guy shorting out. It even comes with a 90 day warranty to make sure it stays in tip top condition!



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