• Water Resistant
  • 5x10" in Diameter
  • Weighs approx. 1 lb.
  • Designed for Garrett GTI 1500, GTI 2500

5x10" Scorcher DD Garrett Search Coil (GTI 1500 / GTI 2500)

Model: 2219800

Our Price: $127.45


This Garrett 5x10” Scorcher DD Search Coil for your GTI 2500 or GTI 1500 metal detector can significantly reduce the effect of heavily mineralized soils you may frequently encounter when prospecting or relic hunting. The elliptical shape of this search coil will easily get you in and around obstacles that have been known to slow down round coils. Use this search coil when hunting for those smaller targets and tiny gold nuggets. Users have praised this Scorcher DD search coil for its lightweight design as well, giving them more time to seek out those treasures before getting fatigued.



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