Features a Double-D style that is waterproof and features super separation, that helps you distinguish between multiples types of metals with ease.

5" Point Cors Search Coil (AT Max)

Model: CORSPN294

Our Price: $115.00


With the Cors 5" Point (AT Max) search coil, you can expect a great waterproof coil that is compatible with the Garrett AT MAX metal detector. If you already use this detector or are thinking of buying one, this coil can give you additional benefits and value every time you use your detector. This coil will help you probe deeper into the ground, so you can find more treasure more easily. The coil's unique shape gives you the opportunity to separate iron from nonferrous metal, so you know what you are really finding. There will be fewer false alarms, and a bigger chance to find what you are really looking for. This coil is also very light in weight, so you can maneuver it around easily and get into all the spaces where you want to hunt.



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