• Waterproof
  • 5” in Diameter
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Electrostatically Shielded
  • Designed for Fisher CZ-3D

5" Fisher Search Coil (CZ-3D)

Model: 203521

Our Price: $109.00


Minimize the hassle of discovering the littlest treasures with the Fisher 5” Search Coil! This 5” search coil is the perfect accessory for any metal detecting enthusiast who looking to uncover smaller jewelry, relics, gold nuggets or coins! Its size makes it perfect for treasure hunting in areas with a lot of trash, mineralized soil or that are simply hard to reach. You will never have to worry about your little friend shorting out because this search coil is electrostatically shielded and waterproof. It is even protected by a 90 day warranty from the factory!



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