• 4x6” in Diameter
  • 8kHz Operating Frequency
  • Works with Standard Mini DD Loop Cover
  • Excellent Trash Rejection while Maintaining Good Detection Depth
  • Compatible with White's Coinmaster, Coinmaster Pro, GT as well as Prizm II, III, IV and V Detectors

4x6" Mini DD White's Search Coil (Coinmaster / Prizm)

Model: 801-3237

Our Price: $149.95


Bring in the all around best accessory for your Coinmaster and Prizm metal detectors with White's 4x6” Mini DD Search Coil! This search soil was designed to bring you excellent trash rejection while still maintaining a good detection depth.It works extremely well in harsh grounds and is fantastic for maneuvering around obstacles that larger coils cannot. Despite its small stature, the Mini DD Search Coil will maintain a reasonable display in uneven terrain and be a perfect companion on your metal detecting adventures.



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