A wonderful replacement shaft for your Minlab X-Terra metal detector.

24" Lower Anderson Detector Shafts Rod(Minelab X-terra)

Model: 0702X

Our Price: $56.99


For those who use the Minelab X-Terra metal detector, they understand the importance of having a variety of parts to use for different situations. When the circumstances call for a longer rod, consider using this 24” Lower Rod which has been engineered to fit the Minelab X-Terra metal detector model. This is a longer rod that provides the user with added reach, allowing them to reach other areas that would otherwise have been inaccessible to them. This means that the metal hunter will be able to find treasures that would have otherwise been hidden from their view. Finally, this rod is also engineered from high-quality materials, ensuring that it will compare well with any other option on the market. Anyone who is in need of a longer rod for their Minelab X-Terra metal detector should consider giving this 24-inch rod a try.



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