18" Short Minelab Shaft Assembly - Black (X-Terra Series)

Model: 3011-0173

Our Price: $42.00


To ensure a proper fit and comfortable usage from your metal detector, you may need to switch out the lower shaft for either a shorter or longer piece. This item is an 18” Short Shaft Assembly for the Minelab X-Terra series metal detectors; this is the lower shaft that connects the search coil to the upper shaft. This Short Shaft is 6” shorter than the standard 24” lower shaft that comes on these metal detector models. The shorter length of this shaft is ideal for operator’s who are shorter than average or for children who are getting started early with the metal detecting hobby. By shortening the length of the metal detector, your child can hunt a site right alongside you with the same comfort and ease that you expect from your own metal detector. Once they get taller, you can easily switch out the short shaft for the longer piece to custom fit their needs once again. Hardware is not included with this item.


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