• Water Resistant
  • 15x12" in Diameter
  • Compatible with Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series

15x12" Semi-Elliptical Mono Commander Minelab Search Coil (GPX/GP/SD)

Model: 3011-0074

Our Price: $366.00


To enhance the performance of your GPX, GP, or SD series metal detector explore one of Minelab’s many interchangeable coil options, such as this 15x12” Semi-Elliptical Mono Commander Search Coil. Designed to handle even the most rugged conditions you’d face in the gold fields, these Commander coils are well-made and robust, providing stable operation in all soils. The 15x12” size provides you with greater depth and more ground coverage than the 11” DD and is also water resistant. Expect to see great performance and results in all conditions including highly variable soils. This size provides a good alternative choice to the larger 18” DD coil, giving you more maneuverability when hunting those large retirement nuggets in heavy mineralization. Don’t get thrown off by the size as the semi-elliptical design is known for still providing impressive sensitivity even when using the larger coils.

Minelab Commander Coil Non-cancellation Notice: Demand for the Minelab 15x12" Semi-Elliptical Mono Commander Search Coil have created a huge demand resulting in the manufacturer requiring distributors and dealers to pay for all orders in advance regardless of the number of coils on order. There will be no cancellations or refunds as production schedules will include every order submitted and paid for. Deliveries will be made as product is delivered.



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