• Waterproof
  • 14” in Diameter
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty
  • Electrostatically Shielded
  • Designed for Fisher Gold Bug II

14" Elliptical Fisher Search Coil (Gold Bug 2)

Model: 14COIL-7-GB2

Our Price: $149.00


Finding gold just got bigger and better with the Fisher 14” Elliptical Search Coil! Now, bigger doesn't always necessarily better but, with Fisher's largest elliptical search coil, you can most certainly believe that it packs a punch. The 14” elliptical search coil was designed to find the most deeply buried gold nuggets in some of the mostly highly mineralized soils. You can take it to the far edges of gold country and most certainly come back with something to talk about. Rest assured that you're making a quality purchase because Fisher backs their search coils with a 90 day warranty. You can also have peace of mind knowing that this search coil is safe from shorting out with electrostatic shielding and a waterproof exterior.



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