Double-D and weighing just over 17 ounces, this search coil is also waterproof.

12.5 " x 8.5" Scout Cors Search Coil (AT Pro)

Model: CORSSC026

Our Price: $142.00


The Cors 12.5 x 8.5" Scout (AT Pro) offers convenience and ease of use. Weighing just over 17 ounces, it is so light that it can be used by nearly everyone. It is also waterproof, so you can use it no matter the weather conditions. With the right metal detector, you have a better chance at finding the treasure you are looking for. This search coil from Cors offers you a high quality search coil with balanced parameters, and a Double-D system. The coil's mounting bracket is strong and secure, and the coil cover helps keep it safe from chipping and other damage. You can expect an outer shell that is UV-stabilized and impact resistant, and a high-strength cable with conductor cross-sections that are larger than others on the market. 



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